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Give yourself a break from surfing the internet, looking for gigs. With BandPlus individuals and companies will look for you and your band.

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"BandPlus was made in order for event organizers to find musicians, bands, DJs, choirs and other performers - but it is so much more..."

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Get discovered

Our platform makes it simple for people to find and get in touch with you

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Showcase your work, and show people who you are and what you are about.

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Get in contact and collaborate with other musicians and bands

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Our system targets event organizers that are looking for talent like you

Frequently asked questions

BandPlus is a web directory, specially made for musicians, bands and groups in music industry to give them better exposure online.

You create your profile on the platform, add information about the types of music you play and the instruments, and BandPlus creates a beautifully designed profile page which is easy to read and understand.

Sure! Our platform is made for everybody that is in the music industry. Even if you are not a musician or a band, you can create your profile and create and promote events.

BandPlus started as a way for musicians to promote their work, get reviews and get booked – for money. Unfortunately we have seen that this method is not working and people are not ready to pay to get paid. Once we got to understand this, we changed our ways. 

We want to help musicians succeed and thrive, so we are redesigning our approach and we are creating a community for all the artists of music – to share, collaborate, and work together to get better.

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